2018 Worth Legit XL USSSA Jason Branch Signature Model: WBRANU

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Jason Branch’s first signature Legit Worth model is guaranteed to not disappoint. Featuring a 12.5” short barrel and a 0.5oz XL endload, the Branch Legit balances handle whip and barrel flexibility to maximize swing control, sending balls shooting into the gap or over the fence. Paired with Worth’s 220+ Advantage technology, a reactive yet durable barrel is all but guaranteed to improve any player’s swing.

Product Features

  • Model: WBRANU
  • Two Piece Technology 
  • 12.5 inch barrel
  • Sizes:  34/24, 34/25, 34/26, 34/27, 34/28
  • 220 + Advantage 
  • CF100 
  • Flex 50 Handle
  • XL Worth Endload (0.5 oz)
  • Approved for USSSA, NSA, and ISA Softball
  • Made in the USA